Our Story

Pamela Hamel, our Founder is an innovator, food leader and creative mind whose passion is in Northeastern Ontario food and travel.

Chef, Blogger, Traveller and former Executive, Pamela explores trends in curating a sustainable lifestyle. Aka “Martha Stewart” of the North, Pamela takes this as a compliment, but it’s a little too snobbish for this hometown girl.  Born, raised and career developed in Northeastern Ontario’s Kirkland Lake area, Pamela moved to Toronto to pursue BIG markets for her BIG ideas.  With an appetite for adventure, Pamela boasts a biz savvy spirit, eye for design and an incredible talent for turning nothing into something. Search #foodsbynature to discover your next inspired living moment.

This life long passion in food and community gardening started at a young age, she jokes, by saying " my mud pie making days", but it was most likely during my first years working with marginalized women. A single mom herself endeavoured to create a better life for herself and the women around here by teaching food skills, gardening and with the start up a community catering community, all while working at the YWCA in her hometown of Kirkland Lake.  

Some decades later, Pamela found herself curating and sourcing local foods as a caterer and with an Undergraduate degree in Health Promotion Pamela made the link between socio-economics, food & health.  Her endeavours evolved and she grew to understand the principles of sustainable living while working as Executive Director, at the Elk Lake Eco Centre.  Since moving to Toronto, she continues to source artisanal food brands, network with groups like the Canadian Women in Food Initiative. 

Pamela, was an early adopter of eat local and agri-tourism, when she became a Founding Director of Northern Flavours.  Having travelled to more than 25 countries she has developed a deep rooted passion for her native area of Temiskaming.  She is a creative cook, known to turn a few ingredients into a meal fit for Royalty; she has led teaching workshops, designed and worked the soils of kitchen gardens and now she turns her energy to her homeland where you'll find some of the World's best farmland and an incredible opportunity for value-added food business start-ups. 

Our commitment to food security and food equity is core to our values -  Once we have access to quality food, it is equally important to teach food skills and develop on the ground food systems such as hubs and community gardens.  We are reaching out to communities seeking to create a local food movement - Together we can make a difference.